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But what do I wear?

Finding the perfect combination of outfits for the family is the most stressful part of a photoshoot. Chances are that you are sitting on your couch stalking Pinterest boards but stop and look around your living space, what does it look like? Would you describe it as "light and airy" or "earthy tones?" This is your starting point! You're going to want images of your family that goes well with your home.

First things first, Comfort! It is essential that no one is uncomfortable. Uncomfortable kids and husbands do not photograph well. We want to look good but more importantly, we want to feel good. That confidence is key!

Mixing and matching patterns and solid is great starting point. Plaid shirts and solid button downs for the guys. Simple, classic shape dresses for the ladies. Maxi dresses are a hard yes! They could be striped or floral prints or even a solid color with or without a textured layer. Polka dots are always fun but bold attention catching patterns seem to be too much. We all want the focus on you and your beautiful family with their clothing helping, not hurting.

Colors play a key role as well. They are also there to compliment us. If you looked around your home and decided you need to go with light and airy, white, creams, greys, and pastels would be lovely. My house tends to be earthy tones so I might go with navy blues, deep greens, whites, creams, maroon, or mustard yellows. Stay clear of the neon colors though, they tend to reflect on to skin tones.

Don't wear graphic designs on shirts, pants, or shoes. I want all the focus on you. "Gap" gets enough attention.

Don't forget diaper covers or bloomers for little girls.

Athletic shoes, flip flops, and stilettos can work if it adds to the story of your shoot. Bring back up shoes (mom) if you're going to the middle of the desert or up a mountain in heels. We'll change them out when we get there!

Accessories add to each family member's unique personality. A necklace or a bow tie for a pop of color, little ma'am rocking a derby hat, or that young man with suspenders because it makes him giggle.

Even when you see images of a girls' party with matching shirts they never look "matchy-matchy" because they've each made it their own. You know your family and what they like. Let's let that shine through in these pictures, you'll never regret it.

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