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Do you know the phycological effects real photos have on kids?

Over the last 2 years I have taken over 73,000 pictures! The only reason I know that is because of my digital “shoebox.” Those photos aren’t real though.

Photos are meant to be on display. They aren’t meant to be on a hard drive or in a box under the bed. A physical photograph that you walk by everyday is there for the sole purpose of bringing you happiness. It actually cause your brain to produce endorphins…

While photos on the screens bring happy tears to the mamas I work with, who scrolls their digital files frequently? Maybe once or twice a year… maybe?

There’s something permanent about a print. A feeling of pride when you hold it in you hands. You want to show off your beautiful family and take care of that photo forever, treating it as somewhat of a time capsule for that proud feeling.

There is science that suggests if we aren’t regularly surrounded by PRINTED photographs, we are robbing ourselves of their positive effects. These photographs reinforce who and what is important to us.

For all of my mamas reading this, children benefit greatly from hung photos! It gives them a sense of belonging to the people in the photographs and in the home where the photos are hung, especially under 5 years old. Photos through their eyes promotes a sense of belonging, security, safety, acceptance, love and makes them feel valued. Self-esteem or self-worth anyone? Yes, please!

There is an entirely different emotion that is attached to “real” photos!

Finding the right photographer to help you achieve this is not hard. This can easily be done in a 10 minute phone call. If we aren’t talking like old friends by the end, keep looking. Your person is out there.

I am the photographer who captures loving moments and helps you to preserve your story. I am here to capture your life in a natural and genuine way!

Schedule a quick phone call with me. You tell me what you are looking for and I'll tell you about my process and we'll see if we vibe.

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