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Hiring a professional family photographer

Mother and daughter at maternity shoot at Gate's Pass in Tucson, AZ

So you want family photos and you don’t really know where to start. We're going to figure it out together, right now.

Let’s start with asking friends and family for recommendations for their favorite family photographer is a great place to start. Google has pages upon pages of us and to sort through is daunting. Instagram is a great tool to check out their style and their personalities. Really try and focusing on just that, style and personality. Hiring a professional photographer who has a light and airy style hoping they can produce great moody images is not the best plan. Maybe you have the goofiest of all the families and the person you choose isn’t a kid person? We don’t want a round peg, square hole situation.

Once you find the photographer of your dreams, that’s when you start checking out their investment info, products and services. If their main package is out of your reach, don’t panic or get discouraged. Most photographers offer mini sessions at a discounted rate. This is not because we want to produce discounted work but because we know that some people can’t or don’t want to be photographer for a full hour or need 20-30 digital images. Depending on you wants and needs, this could be the perfect opportunity to get in there!

If all else fails, reach out to that dream photographer and ask questions. This is what we are here for and we are more than happy to help! If your concerns are about cost, tell them that. Your dream photographer may not be able to accommodate your needs but they usually can recommend one of their colleagues who is a better fit for your current needs. (Which usually turns out to be a blessing!)

Pinks and Blues color palette for Family photoshoot in Cienega Creek outside of Tucson Arizona

Communicating current needs or wants is so incredibly important. If you want meadows and oak trees but you live in Tucson, Arizona we need to know that as soon as possible to accommodate that… (thank goodness for Mt. Lemmon). If either side goes into this process with different expectations, someone may end up disappointed.


Coordinating outfits for the whole family is the number one topic I come up against. While it may take some time, it is truly over thought a majority of the time.

Off to Pinterest we go!

Neutral color palette for Family photoshoot in Tucson Arizona

My questions usually go something like, “ Classy or flow? Dresses? Best main color? Any no-gos for dad?”

Outfits are best kept simple! They don’t need to be overly complicated and I truly believe this is the number one problem run into. We all over think it! Every photographer want everyone feeling confident in what they are wearing, first and foremost! If you are uncomfortable in what you are wearing, you will look uncomfortable in the images.

Pick out your main color or two that are complementary to each other. We want your main color to be peppered into the shoot through a mixture of textures and prints.

Emerald Green color palette for Family photoshoot in Tucson Arizona

So let's pick green… Emerald Green!

Complementary colors lie somewhere in the reds, so brick red or burnt orange or terracotta would be my suggestion. Add your neutrals, white or cream and black or charcoal grey.

Final color palette is emerald green, burnt orange, cream and charcoal grey.

Navy Blue and Sunflower yellow color palette for Family photoshoot in Tucson Arizona

Remember, this it’s all based around what you want and what works for your

family. Maybe Navy blue and Sunflower yellow or you like the pastel world with sage green, light grey and cream.

I like to spoil my moms so let's start there. Mom gets the floor length dress THAT SHE LOVES. Maybe this a boho style solid green or a fun bold prints or classic stripes depending on the theme that goes with your family…. Daughter gets a jumper or summer dress in one of the prints not already chosen. Dad gets to be comfy in the correct color, burnt orange or charcoal grey pants and a cream color shirt. Son needs something similar to dad but maybe we change up of colors or to stripes. Cute little baby suspenders with his burnt orange diaper cover! (That just makes me happy! Lol)

Next, add accessories that are special to you! Is there a special necklace from your wedding or baby shoes that have been worn by three different generations now? Let's work them in there! The whole point of family pictures is to help make your family shine! I want it to be this glorious image in your home that is similar to a visual time capsule!

I want this for all of my clients!

Day before

Get organized. This will make day of so much less stressful. Is everyone outfits and accessories ready?

Day of

No hangry moments



Mom needs an extra pair of comfy shoes

A towel or two (if we’re getting dirty)




Diaper cover if you have a little!

Then, breathe! Just breathe. You’ve done your part, it's my turn now. Sit back in that golden light and let's have some giggles. Que sera, sera!

Ready to book your own professional family photos?

If you are ready to hired your own professional photographer here in the Tucson area, look through my gallery and make sure I’m the photographer for you. Then head over to my contact page and I will help to make it happen.

If you are still thinking it over, be sure to follow me on Instagram to continue to get to know me and stay up to date on event and shoots I organize through out the year!

Engagement photos for on Mt. Lemmon north of Tucson Arizona

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