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Want to know what my driver's license says?

I've done a fair amount of preachin' to moms about not participating in photos because they don't like the way they look.

I've had everyone from close friends, women I has just met at events, new moms to grandmas tell me, "Let me lose some weight and then I'll call ya!"

Let me tell you with all the love I have....


And I am just as guilty seeing how my driver's license says I'm 160 lbs....

I don't know what made me look the other day but I couldn't believe it. I don't know if it's my age and maturity (HA!) or the fact that I tried to pull on over on myself 4 years ago when I renewed it with my new last name....

I missed out on so many family pictures before I went professional photographer telling myself all the things!

  • I'll lose a few pounds and then we'll do pictures!

  • I don't like the way I look right now.

  • I'm insecure about my body

Well, I'm going to share one more time and then we are all going to do better!

Number 1! Whether you are a man or a woman, if you have kids, they are watching and seeing you/us be ashamed of the body they may have someday! Let us break that generational thought process. Even if we have to fake it so they don't later on!

Number 2! Everyone around you loves you the EXACT WAY YOU ARE RIGHT NOW! This is how they will remember us with or without the pictures. Your choice.

All you mamas are beautiful and you can't change my mind. You deserve to be remembered just the way you are in every season of you life.

What are we going to do about this????

I'm so glad you asked!

I made a "Summer Bucket List" for us and the kids and we're taking pictures every time we check something off. AND we're committing to having 3 albums printed a year of all the random stuff we do in our family! (My husband doesn't know yet but SURPRISE SHAWTY!)

They aren't difficult items, they don't take a ton of effort or money!

  • "make popsicles"

  • "star gaze"

  • "go on a picnic"

If you want to participate with us, you are more than welcome to my Bucket List but you have to promise to start normalizing being in pictures with your babies!

Follow the link to get your Summer Bucket List and let's do it together!

If you are just completely inspired to schedule a session, let's get it going! Contact me here.

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